Industry 4.0


Focus on the Expert

Advances in the field of future factories under the label Industry 4.0 have a great impact on the research in this field. Our Augmented Reality solutions add to the concepts of future factories by focusing on the expert and more precisely the knowledge and experience of the workers.

One System Solution

All manual workflows in the industrial context can be handled by the ioxp software. Using AR manuals can therefore be viewed as a All-In-One handbook solution for complete facilities. The ioxp solutions guarantee a maximum of convenience and usability.


Environment Recognition

Using a set of videos for different machines, the system automatically recognizes the machine or workarea the user is located in. That way the organization of a wide variety of workflows on a huge set of different machines becomes very easy for the user and requires only a minimum of interaction. Using this localization information the system can additionally be used to increase the safety of the workplace.

Workplace Safety

After the completion of each work step the user get an easy to understand feedback by the system, confirming that the step has been successful or not. Besides the immediate self-supervision and the reduced error rate this system can greately contribute to workplace safety.


The system works as a standalone solution without requiring an internet connection. This implies that all sensible workflow related data remains directly in the facilities. Further the individual worker has full control on where and when to use the system. It is as easy as putting on a pair of glasses – and taking them off.