ioxp Cognitive Creator

Cognitive Creator – Authoring User Interface

The browser-based and platform-independent processing interface of the ioxp systems allows the editing of existing process models and their representation as well as the creation of new process contents for the ioxp system.

Simply Processes

A card is a work step and an arrow indicates the sequence of operations. The system models even the most complex work sequences that easily. Structure chapters and filter mechanisms make working with hundreds or thousands of contents easy and efficient.

Media Processing made easy

Essential information can be inserted and edited directly in the program. With mouse gestures and a toolbox system the user can create easily understandable and attractively designed media in the shortest possible time. Existing graphics can be easily added by drag-and-drop

Fine Tuning by Video Editing

The Cognitive Creator provides an easy-to-use video editor that can shorten the media data used or identify and cut new chapters of action. A magnifying glass mechanism makes it easy to keep an overview even for long shots.

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