ioxp:Cognitive AR

Learning by Watching

The key idea behind the ioxp software is the close interaction of artificial intelligence methods and augmented reality techniques. It allows for effective content generation and sets new limits to the capabilities of classic augmented reality handbooks. This interplay is called Cognitive AR.

Exact Execution Analysis

Our method analyses the workspace before and after each workstep. This way the system can detect unwanted changes and correct executions. Additional a highly capable 3D hand tracking method is used to further understand the procedures and to guide the user to the different work steps.

Illustrations and Annotations

The information extracted by the Cognitive AR algorithms isused to create a set of instructional illustrations and animated annotations. These guide the user through each workstep by showing the right procedures in a semi-transparent overlay. Between worksteps animations are used to show the user where to continue working.


Printable Manuals

Alongside creating the Augmented Reality Annotation the System creates a human readable and easy to understand manual in the form of a classic paper based instruction manual. This form is optimized for printing and can easily be used an easy to use cheat sheet.


Über Smartphone oder Tablet können die Anleitungsinhalte in Form von sprachgesteuerten, schrittweisen Anleitungsvideos angesehen werden. So können Inhalte auch vermittelt werden, wenn sich der Werker gerade nicht in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Maschine befindet.

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