Digital work plans, process documentations and technical process descriptions

Digital process documentation

Turn your technical staff into process digitizers. Even complex documentation and process descriptions can be easily created with the ioxp system. Standardize processes and preserve worker knowledge with the ioxp system.


Learning from man

With a smartphone or tablet, a worker records the working process on video. The ioxp system automatically generates a digital process model. A high-quality and appealing process documentation can now be created with the simplest of means.


Quickly created, easy to understand

The recurring adjustments to documentation and guidance systems are done quickly and easily with the ioxp system. With an intuitive modular system for work steps, you can efficiently document even complex operations and always keep up to date.


Analog and Digital

The process documentation can be printed and used in the usual form. Using the digital step-by-step documentation and the interactive multimedia content at the same time is especially helpful. With just one click, you get explanatory videos for every work step of your text documentation.

Technical support always availbale




Smart Glasses


Microsoft Hololens