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Usage and Maintenance of Everday Products

Replacing the toner cartridge of the laser printer or the regular maintenance of the espresso machine… every products also require maintenance.

ioxp manual is an intuitive step-by-step instruction basing on a single correct execution on video. Since the manual is can be created in your own environment it might also contain the way to the toner cabinet.

Recognizing Displays

Many consumer products, especially older generations, are often not very intuitive to use. “Press MODE for 7 Seconds until the blinking light appears” can not easily be guessed to be the right way to set an alarm and the long lost manual becomes very important.

With ioxp manuals this becomes an easy task and the manual system can be used to easily create manuals for all sorts of household items.

Chess becomes Easy

The field of application of ioxp manuals is not limited. Teaching yourself to play piano or learn chess openings becomes easy, effective and fun.

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